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We have a rich portfolio of both B2C and B2B products under our belt. We have built engaging experiences in finance, commerce, social networks, gaming and more.

CMBDEX Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange

We have built an in-house cryptocurrency exchange which we have deployed for multiple clients based out of India, China and Singapore. As part of the white-label exchange setup, you will get the blockchain nodes setup for popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, etc., configurable KYC module, highly secured wallets, infra setup on AWS with Auto-Scaling ensuring high availability, and a comprehensive admin dashboard. Exchange supports both fiat and crypto markets with payment gateway integration support for fiat currency deposits and withdrawals.

Technologies - NodeJS, ReactJS, Java, AWS
3 Clients - 
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Blockchain Wallets

Blockchain based Q&A Platform

Masmic is an online social media Q&A platform where users are incentivized for answering the questions asked by other users. Best answers are voted by the masmic community which are also incentivized for their voting activity.
The incentive mechanism is powered by stellar blockchain on which the Masmic token (MAT) runs. User can buy MAT tokens by depositing btc, eth or xlm tokens on the token sale page.
On masmic, a user can also participate in the affiliate program by doing promotional activity on the popular social channels like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit etc. and earn MAT tokens.

Supported cryptocurrencies - Top 50 including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin etc
Client - 
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Sports Fantasy App

As part of this project, we developed the android app and the backend engine for a major sports fantasy player in India. In addition to this, users can also play directly on the browser with mobile support. The application supports multiple sports and the micro-services architecture ensures component wise scalability. Some of the popular features are - real time leaderboard supporting more than 1 million users, referral system, coupon system, loyalty system, multiple wallets etc.

Technologies - Micro-services based Architecture, Java, Android, PostgreSQL, Redis, NodeJS, Python, ReactJS
Client - 

Video Conferencing

The project is currently under development which connects industry experts with small and medium scale company promoters. The interaction happens online via video and audio conferencing which works on android, mobile and web browser. The video interaction supports both one-to-one and one-to-many format.

Technologies - ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL, Redis, Android, WebRTC, AWS
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